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The best tinder App know that a picture is worth a thousand words, says the old saying. And to this we could add that a video is worth more than a thousand images. At least it is what they think of Tinder, which for the summer is updated with a new feature that will delight the most daring users: The option of placing a video in a loop in the profile. That is, instead of a photo, a kind of GIF of two seconds.

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Tinder Loops are two-second loops where you can create a loop from any video you want. These video GIFs give you two seconds of looping video to show more of your personality: rollerblading online, making a mate, jumping into a pool, dancing, doing the clown or just smiling. According to Tinder “You can be suggestive, you can be fun, but whatever you are: be yourself. And be quick, because everyone is going to start showing their best moves! ”

how works tinder loops?

The good thing about this feature is that it does not force you to start from scratch and create a video, but you can also use the ones you already have and upload a video from your gallery to turn it into a loop. For it:


Did you know these facts about Jamie Dornan? You won’t believe #5!

#1 He was a model.

Before being Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan was a model in the early 2000s. In 2004, he was the muse of Calvin Klein. Big deal! He often posed shirtless or in his underwear.

#2 He had a difficult adolescence.

Jamie Dornan‘s life has not been always easy. Coming from a low-income family, he lost his mother at the age of 16 to pancreatic cancer. A year later, he also lost his four best friends in a road accident. These tragedies severely affected his mind for many years. “It was horrible (…) It changed my view of mortality and death,” he stated. All these tragedies almost dragged him to the wrong path. “When I was 19 years old, I remember during a summer, I was studying Marketing at the Teesside College, I missed all my exams, so I thought something had to change. I was really ashamed of myself and I drank a lot at that time” he confessed.

#3 He was one of Marie Antoinette’s lovers in the iconic movie.

Jamie Dornan appears in “Marie Antoinette”, the histrionic film of 2006 directed by Sofía Coppola. The English actor is one of the lovers of the queen. But according to him, his better stage like actor began with the series “Once upon a time”.

#4 He had several famous girlfriends.

Before marrying Amelia Warner in 2013, Jamie Dornan had quite a love life. In 2003, he met Keira Knightley. They were a couple until 2005. Shortly after his broke up with the Pirates of the Caribbean actress, Jamie had a brief relationship with Sienna Miller, who was then living in the same neighborhood as him, Notting Hill, in London. Both actors are good friends today.
According to what Lindsay Lohan said to InTouch Magazine in 2014, Jamie Dornan also had a relationship with the actress. Many celebrities such as Justin Timberlake or Adam Levine were on her list of boyfriends. However, Jamie has never confirmed or denied this information.

#5 He lives in the countryside with sheep.

Today father of two little girls, Dulcie who was born in 2013 and Phoebe who was born in 2016, Jamie Dornan has nothing to do with Hollywood. According to one of his friends, he was never crazy about money and luxury. The actor and his wife decided to leave the big city to settle in the countryside. “I have a more normal life than any other individual,” he said. “I live in the middle of the country, with my sheep and my wife; we ​​have chosen to give our children a peaceful life, far from the city and especially from the Hollywood scene”. Isn’t he lovely?


Differences and similarities between Jamie Dornan and Christian Grey.

Like we know, Jamie Dornan is one of the men in the spotlight right now. He is a talented actor who has a good trajectory in Hollywood. We bet all his roles have been important to him. But one thing is for sure: Playing the role of Christian Grey was probably what changed his life completely. Being the body and face of such a loved character turned him into an idol for millions of fans, and of course, an object of desire too.

During an interview, Jamie said: “The version of Christian Grey that we see in the second and third movie is much closer to me. It has more elements of my own person and therefore I am more comfortable in his skin”. Dornan also said that on the “50 Shades Freed” movie he was allowed to incorporate some of his own gestures to relate more to Christian.

There’re some similarities between Jamie Dornan and Christian Grey: For example, they are both passionate men, they love their wives, they are protective. Here we can see Jamie with his real wife, Amelia Warner:

Here, with his fictional wife:

Another thing Jamie and Christian have in common: they’re both millionaires. It’s said Jamie made approximately 5 million dollars for playing Christian Grey.

Despite these similarities, Jamie and Mr. Grey are extremely different. In an interview with the, the actor talked about his own intimacy and how his alter ego had influenced: “I have nothing to do with my character, it is funny.” He even said that he wouldn’t be friends with Christian Grey! “He’s not the sort of bloke I’d get along with, all my mates are easy going and quick to laugh; I wouldn’t imagine myself sat in a pub with him. I don’t think he would be my type, when it comes to choosing mates.”

Another difference: I’m sorry if this ruin some of your fantasies, but Jamie is not into BDSM. About that, he stated: “It doesn’t float my boat, but I’ve always been open-minded and liberal – I’d never judge anyone’s sexual preference. Whatever gets people off is entirely up to them and there’s a million different ways to please yourself, sexually. Some of the Red Room stuff (in the first film) was uncomfortable. There were times when Dakota was not wearing much, and I had to do stuff to her that I’d never choose to do to a woman.”

Related imageRelated image

Jamie is not jealous. He and his wife are not possessive. Here we can see how Amelia is friends with Dakota Johnson:

Enemies? Hell no!! Friends!! #JamieDornan #AmeliaWarner and #DakotaJohnson Here’s proof!!

Una publicación compartida de Anita Swartz (@rkfan) el

Dornan is a funny guy. He’s not as serious as Christian. Here we can see some of his funniest moments:

We have to face that Jamie Dornan and Christian Grey are completely different people. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They’re both wonderful men and we are in love with them! Which one would you prefer to have in your life?


Jamie Dornan: the perfect husband!

Jamie Dornan

Women from around the world wants to have Amelia Warner’s husband and dream of becoming the Anastasia Steele of their love story.

Jamie Dornan

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Jamie Dornan’s HOTTEST scenes in 50 Shades Freed.

On November 6th we could finally watch the final version of the 50 Shades Freed trailer. We have been anxiously waiting for it for a long time. And of course, it is full of sexy scenes… Where we can see Jamie Dornan playing the role of Mr. Grey, a dominant strong and successful man.

Once Jamie said he doesn’t really like his body. We have one question: Is he crazy? The answer is probably yes! We believe that he certainly has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood.

But his body didn’t always look like it does now. Jamie Dornan had to sculpt his body before starting the filming of the films, given that its erotic theme demanded frequent nudes.

Jamie has a coach, Neil McTeggart, who subjected him to a routine that combined yoga, gymnastics and bodybuilding.

“Jamie was always a skinny guy and he’s still very thin. We did several training programs, such as workout on the street, which is focused on body weight. Instead of using machines, we use our own body as a gym. We take the best movements of yoga, gymnastics and bodybuilding. Everything is based on weights, climbing ropes and gymnastic rings. The diet is not restrictive. The best thing about training with body weight is to see how you improve and you are able to hold on to a specific position for longer. It’s about getting strong and the body proves it” – McTeggart stated.


How well do you know Jamie Dornan?

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Jamie Dornan isn’t speaking to his co-star Dakota Johnson?

The premiere of “Fifty Shadows Freed” will be in a couple of months, and we are all excited to see Jamie Dornan in action. He and Dakota Johnson will be involved in some very hot scenes. However, even though these two seem to be crazy for each other during the movie, it seems like are not even talking in real life.

Jamie and Dakota used to be really good friends, but rumor has it that he is not talking to her anymore. Why? Well… According to good sources, Dakota was always acting like a “diva” and Jamie couldn’t stand her behavior anymore.

And Jamie Dornan is not the only one who finds it hard to keep with how Dakota Johnson was behaving. Everyone said she was unbearable during the making of the film “50 shades Freed”.

Moreover, the witness who stated all of this said that the rest of the team that worked on ’50 darker shadows ‘and ’50 shadows released’ (which were recorded at the same time) was very happy not to have to work with Dakota anymore when they finished filming.

It’s said that the producer even called Melanie Griffith (Dakota’s mother) and asked her to talk to Dakota about his bad behavior.

Do you believe these rumors? It’s pretty common that when people become massively famous they start behaving different… but do you think this is the case? We are expecting to see Jamie Dornan with Dakota Johnson on a red carpet, to see how they act.
We all want to see them getting along, because we love Jamie and many of us also love Dakota, and it is very important for the movie that they like each other. If not, love scenes could be a little uncomfortable… but we know they could manage the situation anyway because they are professional actors.

If Jamie is not talking to Dakota because of her behavior, we hope that they can solve their differences as soon as possible… to continue being friends.


Jamie arriving at LAX airport:…

Jamie arriving at LAX airport:


Jamie arriving at LAX airport:…

Jamie arriving at LAX airport:


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