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Dec 01 2013

50 shades the movie first Shoot Vancouver 2013-2015

50 shades movie first Shoot Vancouver     Esa Mirada!   el ceño fruncido!   mas serio!   sexy!!   ese Reloj!! I am pretty sure the movie is not as good as the book. The Christian described in the book does not match the actor and they hired the wrong actress to play Anastasia! […]

Oct 27 2013

50 Things About Jamie Dornan

Trivia About Jamie Dorman Biography and More. Nationality & Origin: Irish Full Name: James « Jamie » Dornan Date of Birth: 1st May 1982 Height: 1m83 Measurements: 97-76-87 Size: 42 Love: Married to Amelia Warner Favorite books: The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit by Sloan Wilson Favorite writter: […]

Oct 27 2013

Jamie Dornan As Christian Grey Reactions

Th   for me..he is hotter than charlie hunnam.. did i spell his surname correctly? and jamie is more regal looking than charlie.. he is like matt bomer but of course,matt would have been the perfect for the role.e more I see Jamie, the more I can picture him as Christian. He’s defiantly has the […]