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Nov 03 2014

Second Trailer of fifty Shades of Grey Movie !!

Watch the Second Trailer of fifty Shades of Grey this Month!  The Second Trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey Movie is coming Soon! According to Universal Pictures, we’ll have the second official  trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey in this month ( The exact words of Universal to me were “We are currently working on a launch […]

Jul 30 2014

Did you know..

Did you know that both Theo James and Shailene Woodley was rumored for the roles as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele?

This is what Shailene said:

“It actually is true. I didn’t want to audition for it,” she says. “It’s because I had already done Divergent and I knew there was no way I wanted to do multiple franchises at the same time, because that’s crazy, so I didn’t see the point in it.”

Theo James was in talks for the role as Christian after Charlie Hunnam left. Jamie Dornan, Theo James and Christian Cooke was the frontrunners as Christian Grey.

Can you see Christian and Ana in Theo and Shailene?