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        February 02,2016 » A very handsome Jamie Dornan at YVR in Vancouver  # 

  • Susan M

    Mr. Dornan: Congratulations on baby 2. I thought maybe you’d notify me first, but no. I have watched 50 Shades over and over so many times, the film is dulled. Same with The Fall. Nearly worn out. Waiting here in Seattle for Season 3. Maybe, as long as you’re going to be over here in Vancouver, you could just come on down to Seattle and drop off a copy of F3 to me. We could have a Mcnaughton’s and a laugh. “Not too loud…don’t want to wake Mommy.” Just kiddin’
    I think you are really special. I’m nuts about you in a motherly way. I’m very happy for you and Millie. Baby boy, I heard…since you didn’t notify me first. Name? Dulcie and…Dillon? James3? Delmar? I’ll be waiting to know. Love, Grammie Sue in Seattle. (My grandson Owen calls me “Grammie Honey.”)