Jamie Dornan BTS Jeff Hahn’s photoshoot 48…

Jamie Dornan BTS Jeff Hahn’s photoshoot

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  • jen

    i agree!!! i want matt bomer for the role of christian grey & alexis bledel for anatasia steele!!!

    • fiftyshadesreality

      Love Matt Bomer…..but NOT FOR THIS ROLE He is gay in real life with a husband and children. I dont want to see a gay man play a bdsm/love sick 27 year old. Just sayin.

  • shirley

    Shirley Matt Bomer or even Chris Hemsworth would make a better Christain Grey!

  • Vicky Miranda Mesa

    First of all Matt Bomer for Christian Grey is NO good to any woman’s fantasy since he is respectfully gay! he wouldn’t know what to do with her!!! Charlie is perfect for this role. He is an up and coming actor who has gained his respect in movie and T.V. He usually plays dominant roles and has a reputation for great love making scenes. He’s brilliant at his craft and he will deliver what women want. He always does!