Jamie Dornan As Christian Grey Reactions

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for me..he is hotter than charlie hunnam.. did i spell his surname correctly? and jamie is more regal looking than charlie.. he is like matt bomer but of course,matt would have been the perfect for the role.e more I see Jamie, the more I can picture him as Christian. He’s defiantly has the qualities for Mr. Grey just needs a lil more meat on him lol. I fully support Dakota as well. So can’t wait to see them bring everyone’s favorite characters to life. Team 50!

  • Lora Lee

    I still think Ian would make a better Christian Grey.

    • my two cents!

      you are nuts if you think ian and his eye brow acting would be better than this hottie!

  • As far as i’m concern this guy is Kellan Kyle, not Christian Grey.

  • Devin is Kellan Kyle. Matt Bomer is CG 🙂

  • Samantha

    NO To MATT BOMER and No to Ian. This guy is cute but I thought C.G would have a
    better body. This guy is scrawny.

    • Mel Davis Mal

      he could probably pump up for the role a bit and I think he would work

  • Christy

    We need a copper head, grey eyed 27 year old with hair on his chest. Matt Bomer is too old.

    • lorri

      I agree. this guy has a sexy face, but way to scrawny

  • Risvaana

    NOWAY… Devin cannot be Christian Grey!! CG is portrayed to have a better body, the perfect body!

  • Michelle

    Yes, this IS Kellan Kyle