Jamie Dornan Nude Pictures

New outtake released by Mert & Marcus of Jamie’s photoshoot for Visionaire in 2007: X

Jamie Dornan Nude Photos. Only + 18 . Pics do not belong to the 50 shades of grey Movie. The official will be released on february 15, 2015.If the project is successful, it could be 2 movies more for 2016.the  Official trailers of fifty shades of Grey  will be  launched on July 24  &  November 13.


Source: Official Fifty , Fifty shades of Grey Movie


The Red Room of Pain in Fifty Shades of Grey




Pics are made ​​to entertain fans* Not official Christian Grey


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    • breed7

      Your spelling, punctuation, and syntax are truly atrocious. You seem to have no clue about the differences between subjects and objects. And the misuse of the caps lock indicates that you have no manners, either.

      In other words, you’re a moron.

      • carlystyle

        Breed7. We are literally laughing AT you.

      • Boxation

        Dear Mr. I sense English isn’t his first language. I do well with English, but sadly I don’t speak any other language fluently, so he’s way ahead of me. Or it could be that the gentleman used an online translator, in which case, they are notorious for stiff, mechanical verbiage, construct, etc.. I would never, even at this point, venture any qualified opinion on your mental capabilities, or your common courtesy. I think it’s safe to say, however, that you’ve shown some negatively judgemental and rude behavior toward someone you have next to no information about. In my view, If one is socially aware enough to want to comment to another on social issues, it would be important for that person to SET the example rather than BE the example. Good luck to you. I hope you have many more enlightening examples to pull from. JB in Kingman, AZ

        • Boxation

          My computer froze. I meant to address the individual by Mr. Breed7.

          • SP lover

            I am not native speaker, and make mistakes in grammar, and honestly think it is lame when people point it out, to insult me.
            I speak four languages, and I cannot be perfect user of all of them.
            I mean, it is ok, to correct the person, but not for the laugh of it, but to help to get better in english.
            Half of american nation and english, speak only one, their own language,
            So I think it is very lame from native english speakers, to point out at grammar mistakes, that people make, who are not native speakers.

          • Darin7

            Don’t worry, you do very well considering a great number of Americans only speak and write ‘American’ English. You are very easy to understand. The best to you.

        • Boxation

          Mr. Breed7. I went to your page associated with this “venue”. I saw a number of clues to your mindset. I saw a few grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. And a definite trend toward anger.
          In other words (to borrow your phrase) you, Sir, are a human being. Fallible and flawed. Just like the rest of us. Incidentally, you and I happen to agree on a number of points, but taking into account your general demeanor, I wouldn’t align myself with you.
          Now, even though I have proof read this entry, as I do everything I write for other eyes to see, I may have missed mistakes I’ve made. You see, I am a human too. Just like you. My suggestion, so that people won’t laugh at you

          • Boxation

            is that you slow down a beat. Listen to yourself before you carelessly blurt out offensive drivel. Again, in all seriousness, good luck, and grow a bit.

        • Darin7

          I agree completely; you said it well.

        • Cathy Stephens

          Right on. I guess his Mother never told him if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. Enough negativity in the world. You don’t have to be a English major to get your point across.

  • Twila Baldridge

    I love him so

  • nan

    Matt is the perfect play as Mr. Gray!!! B-)

  • KRenee

    He looks like he would SERIOUSLY enjoy a BJ…..and I’d be the one to swallow him whole.

    • SP lover

      Does he now?
      Last picture, is fan art I guess, I mean the one with seriously erect dick.

  • SP lover

    Jamie, You are Hot and handsome.
    I read article, where, after Jamie’s face was on the cover of gay magazine, and all the gay club, wanted Jamie, that was scary…lol…
    Comments, from guys, that they think Jamie is too sexy, and they would like to bend him over in shower. Hell it was scary.
    I think, they should have cast Bomer as Anastaisa, I bet he would love to play this character more then Christian character, and then everybody would be happy, cause we would get two hot actors. Lol
    It is only partly a joke.

  • GREY

    Nude photo is FAKE.

    • angy

      exactly what i was thinking, this pic is a fake

  • GREY


  • Lilly

    Re: the picture from Crema – I’ve seen so many different actor’s heads photoshopped onto that same body, it’s ridiculous. But the other pics are real.

  • Mimi

    I don’t care about the spelling . He is number one in my book .I can’t wait to see jamie naked . I can stare at him all day with no clothes on


    Love Jamie, You have to see him on The Fall.. Netflix is streaming it now season 2.. He’s Hot, Hot..bad boy. Keep it up Jamie Dornan. Any one horny for jamie? I guess yes yes yes..

    • Yvonne Bales

      i saw somehing like that made with hugh jackman once ..



  • Yvonne Bales

    are those photos photoshoped ..if so i would sue..what will your daughter say when she see this when she grows up

  • Lana

    i hope he and his wife do not divorce whether money , $1m for full frontal nude or,fame or just the destruction of the family. He is the head of the house and nothing should come between love of man and wife and the child. once you walk away, you can’t get it back or it is never the same. how much $ does 1 man need; he’s made a ton. SAD

  • Susan M

    Photoshop job. Not real pics of Jamie. Disgusting.

  • JU JU G

    The nudes of jamie are real. I saw the magazine that they were published in. The fully nude and him holding himself looks fake….obviously!!! His head was just thrown on someones body besides dont think jamie has is not cut (circumsized ?)

  • Susan M

    Not Jamie Dornan in the nude pics I don’t think. J.D. has some chest hair and a “happy trail.”

  • Susan M

    Besides I’m not sure J.D. would pose for OR post nude photos. Maybe close to nude or suggestive, but not completely nude.

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