50 shades Cast :Victor is shorter than Dakota ?

Jamie always looks so small. But then again he’s only 5’11” and is rather scrawny and not broad shouldered when you look at his candid shirtless photos. He will look powerless next to freaking tall Dakota. Ana is supposed to be petite, and them together will look so dumb. Not to mention Ana is supposed to be PRETTY. They’ve really screwed up this entire casting, not just Jamie. Charlie was much better and he didn’t even have me fully sold. They got Ana’s mother right and that’s it so far. Luke isn’t super tall and muscular w/ blonde hair and blue eyes, and he looks younger than Jamie. Victor is shorter than Dakota and both he and her look to be in their 30s! Such a screw up. If this is the best they could do for casting then count me out. I’ll be sticking to the books, and hoping they’ll decide to shelf it or hand it over to a network like Showtime or Starz to have them rewrite, recast and make it properly.