The cast of The Fall about Jamie: Gillian Anderson – Belfast…

The cast of The Fall about Jamie:

Gillian Anderson – Belfast Telegraph:

« Jamie is just the sweetest, nicest guy you could ever meet and no he hasn’t changed at all. Of course he will be back if we are all back. You know if he says he is leaving us, I’ll give him a good slap and change his mind! » she says with a laugh.

Emmett Scanlan – EntertainmentIE: And is Jamie Dornan really THAT handsome in real life?
ES: Is Jamie really that handsome?? What type of f**king question is that?? You asking me or Brendan Brady?? On a scale of 1 to Jamie, I give myself a 2… I blame my parents…
Jamie is a top bloke. A Man United fan, a father and is riding the wave to stardom… Richly deserved. Why? Because he takes risks… You can’t lose if you take risks. Regardless of the outcome.

Gerard McCarthy – RedCarpetNews:

« He is an absolute gentleman and he is a joy to work with. He is just a really really lovely guy and I think that the entire cast of The Fall is delighted for him, that his career has just took a massive leap forward this year. We will all be there for Fifty Shades of Grey and we will all tease him after we’ve seen the film. »