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“Self-isolation made me do it,” he wrote in his first post next to an image in which we could see him completely covered in blue paint. He already made it clear to us that we were going to see him in unprecedented situations. Many have to do with his family life because, although many of those who associate his image with the erotic saga find it difficult to imagine him as a great father, he is.

He has three little girls, the result of his relationship with Amelia Warner and they manage to bring out his most tender side.In these days of confinement he is focused on making his daughters happy and does not hesitate to do anything to achieve it, although, given his latest image, It may have gotten out of hand.

This weekend, his little girls have decided to turn him into their doll and for that they have dressed him as a woman with a dress, heels and a wig included. The image is most tender, but it is almost impossible not to laugh at the result. ”Dressing with my daughters took a turn. Meet Jenny (with blue hair). She is very sweet ”, he commented next to the photo. “She made my Sunday,” said actor Sam Claflin, who was freaked out like many others by this change.

Further proof that the role of father is one of the priorities in Dornan’s life that this confinement has not hesitated to show us how he entertains himself with his daughters’ toys, including the bicycle.

He’s also shown he’s testing his flexibility these days by playing twister. And, as in many other homes, he has had to celebrate his birthday confined. And he has not done it in adult mode, but in child mode.

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