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Jamie Dornan Nude Photos. Only + 18 . Pics do not belong to the 50 shades of grey Movie.

The dark side of Jamie Dornan who really is Christian Gray? Jamie Dornan.

From serial killer to Christian Gray, Jamie Dornan isn’t afraid to explore the undertones of male depravity. Details of a conventional man with flashes of darkness.

Jamie Dornan has been in the popular imagination since the last decade thanks to the sensual advertising campaigns in which the then-model posed in his underwear showing his abs with Kate Moss and smeared oil on Eva Mendes. Not for nothing as important as The New York Times nicknamed him “the golden torso.”

Today, there are Twitter accounts dedicated to celebrating the shape of his arms, and although the actor does not have an official Instagram profile, he has about 1.4 million posts in his name on the social network. However, none of this seems to matter in the least to this 34-year-old Northern Irishman, as he is clear that he wants to offer something more than a physique that steals all eyes. “It has always seemed exasperating to me that because of having been a model for a few years, you can no longer be a valid actor,” he told the newspaper El País.

And is that unlike many celebrities, this man, apart from his physique, is not part of the imaginary of the “prince charming” that everyone dreams of.

On the contrary, he is known for having a predilection for dark and, in a way, macabre roles with a double life: that of the psychologist and serial killer Paul Spector and that of the renowned businessman and sadomasochist Christian Gray. “I was amazed to find that I felt comfortable in such a dark terrain. Each role helps you to know new things about yourself, “he told the Shortlist portal.

The actor assures that he discovered that there is anger within himself, although not even his wife knows of its existence; he feels that it possesses him internally, as it is difficult to separate from some aspects of his characters.

This only completes the 11 curious facts about Jamie Dornan that we leave you here and that we bet you will not be able to believe.

To prepare for his role as Spector, which led to his BAFTA nomination for best actor, he studied real-life killers, people seemingly normal on the outside but grieving internally, such as Ted Bundy. “I still carry aspects of it with me. It always takes me a while and it affects me. I’ve read horrible things, “he told the website.

He even believes that it was probably difficult for his colleagues to work with him, as well as very irritating, because at times it seemed that he was going crazy. Although getting into the role of a psychopath every day was a complex task, his daughters under three years of age were his calm and best medicine, since when he got home at night he could not but immerse himself in his world and let himself be carried away by his tenderness. .

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His performance as Christian Gray, on the other hand, came unexpectedly after Charlie Hunnam abruptly rejected the character, a few weeks into filming. “Usually people tell you to take time to think about these kinds of things, I didn't have much, so I said to my wife, who was 30 weeks pregnant at the time: 'We're going to have a baby. Canadian and we have to move to Vancouver for four months. ' That's how I made my decision, "he revealed to Marie Claire magazine.

This was not his only change: to achieve the body of the long-awaited Gray he had to assume a routine that included five daily protein shakes, three hours of training and hundreds of sit-ups.

He also became a great connoisseur of sadomasochism, by hiring experts to teach him every aspect, including the tie-ups and rituals. “This man arrived with his submissive, I sat in a corner and while I had a beer I watched what they were doing. My driver was on the other side of the door. Who knows what was crossing his mind at that moment, “he told the publication.

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While his role in the 50 Shades of Gray saga has led him to stardom, the actor does not mind admitting that this is his worst performance to date. “I am not interested in what is perceived of me, beyond my family and my friends,” he told Cinemablend. He is aware that participating in a franchise with so many followers is an immense opportunity, excluding the fear that it may sometimes give due to the reception it has.

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